Relaxed. Natural. Clear.

Body is relaxed. Breath is natural. Mind is clear.

Calm meditate with us!


Common Endeavor of Buddhists

Have faith in the Buddha, follow the Dharma, respect the Sangha;
The Three Jewels are a bright lamp shining throughout eternity.
Uplift the character of humanity
And build a pure land on Earth
Being grateful, repaying kindness: this is first;
Benefit others and you benefit yourself.
Foremost is to exert your wholehearted effort
Without measuring more or less.
Kindness and compassion have no enemies,
And wisdom engenders no vexations.
The busy make the most of time;
The diligent enjoy the best of health.
In broadly sowing the fields of merit,
Why fear any hardship or rebuke?
Those who give selflessly are blessed;
Those who do good deeds are happy.
In every moment feel the joy of the Dharma,
And abide in the bliss of meditation.
Recite “Guanyin Bodhisattva” everywhere
And chant “Amitabha Buddha” without end.

What's New

We’ve been plugging away...

We are transitioning our online programs to this new site, as part of Dharma Drum Retreat Center. First up is our Meditation Group Sessions (MGS) on Sundays, followed by series of talks that are beneficial to everyone across the globe without geographical boundaries.

We are also envisoning a physical meditation center in the Manhattan area in New York to provide a conducive in-person environement and teachings for busy people in the city to cultivate their practice while benefiting their day-to-day lives.

upcoming Events

Online Mediation Group Sessions

Sundays, 2 to 4 PM EST / 11 AM to 1 PM PST

(click here to find out when in your time zone)

Come! Come practice and learn together with us - online, while building camaraderie, diligence and having fun. Explore the journey of self-mastery through Chan Meditation. More...

Coming Home to the Buddha - Online Refuge Ceremony

The next online taking the refuge ceremony has yet to be announced. We will inform you via our next newsletter once the date is made available. More...

Practitioners' corner

Our practitioners sharing their precious reflections forward, to you...

December 18, 2022

We had yet another taking the refuge ceremony to wrap up the year, with a group of fourteen (14) fellow Chan practitioners... 

August 28, 2022

We had another one on with a group of six (6) fellow Chan practitioners from Finland, Germany, Spain, and United States...

Taking Refuge - Ukraine

While the entire world is saddened, heartbroken, and impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is a bright and shiny light...