April 17, 2021


I had a wonderful retreat on Saturday with Venerable Chang Xing.

First of all, I saw the beginner’s mind in the eyes of Venerable Chang Xing, like the moment he began teaching it was brand new for him, like it was the first time he was teaching.

And his gentle smile made me more open to receive from him.

And I felt his energy was very light and including me - many retreatants didn’t notice how the time flew.

His teaching was plain and very understandable. Neither unnecessarily too silent, nor too many words.

And I felt that he was there to help with a compassionate heart.

At the same time, I think he is a very careful person. When I was meditating – sometimes when I looked at the screen, I saw him watching everyone very carefully with sharp eyes.

And thanks to Warren for the smooth flowing organization and Lawrence for the technical support.

Hasim L. from Turkey

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