Online Dharma Talk: The Culture of Fear: Creating Abundance in a World of Scarcity

Ven. Chang Ji

Online Dharma Talk: The Culture of Fear: Creating Abundance in a World of Scarcity

This forum begins with a short session of Heart Coherence meditation, led by Venerable Chang Ji herself, followed by her talk. 

What is this important topic about?

One of the toxic myths of scarcity is that more is better. When we succumb to the illness of greed and our selfishness has overpowered our self-control to the point that we can no longer be satiated or satisfied. This creates an eternal hunger of "never enough." This leads to an ego-centric focus on us and maximizing our own needs and wants with a lack of reverence or compassion for other life forms and beings. In the past 200 years, it’s also come to represent institutions and people driven by profit, devouring resources, and even each other, not for need but greed. This offers a powerful perspective on the deepest roots of our current global crisis as a “virus of the mind” that we would continue to consume - almost cannibalistically, to the point of potentially costing us our own existence.

Becoming mindful, grateful, and aware of our own “enoughness” seems to give us the ability to overcome this phenomenon and uncreate this reality. With intention and awareness, we can build a new reality and become the pollinators of new values built on sufficiency, mindfulness, reciprocity, gratitude, empathy, interconnectedness, communality, and solidarity.

We are looking forward to have a fun and practical Dharma talk session with you, as follows:

Timing below is in USA Eastern Time, ET, and is subject to change at teacher's discretion.

  • 7:30pm ET: Heart Coherence Meditation (led by Venerable Chang Ji)
  • Followed by: Dharma Talk (length may vary)
  • Followed by: Sharing and Q&A (as time permits)
  • 9:30pm ET: Forum ends


Venerable Chang Ji

Venerable Chang Ji was ordained as a nun under Dharma Drum Mountain in 2004. In her role as the International Affairs Special Assistant to the late Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, she participated in many international conferences, including the World Economic Forum, World Bank, as well as meetings at the United Nations, etc. She is committed to teaching the tenets of contemplative action to young adults worldwide and has led many youth leadership workshops and meditation retreats to this effect. She has been a facilitator in programs for young leaders in conflict and post-conflict areas from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Cambodia, and works to spread awareness of Spiritual Environmentalism as taught by her teacher, the late Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen to young people all over the world.

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