Online Dharma Talk: Choosing the Buddha

Ian Urquhart

Online Dharma Talk: Elements of a Proper Practice

Choosing the Buddha: This is a profound instruction or exortation to practice, but what does it mean? 

How does one choose the Buddha In meditation?

How can this be applied practically in our daily lives?

Tune in to refine your Right View practice as we investigate this important matter.

We are looking forward to have a fun and practical Dharma talk session with you, as follows:

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  • 8:00 - 9:30pm ET: Dharma Talk followed by Q&A


Ian Urquhart

Ian Urquhart has over ten years of meditation experience including martial arts and yogic practice. He encountered the Dharma Drum Mountain lineage of Chan Buddhism when he met Dharma heir Gilbert Gutierrez in 2016. Since then Ian has sincerely pursued Chan practice and studies. He regularly presents the Dharma to his Chan Buddhist group in central Ohio.

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