August 28, 2022


As more and more practitioners understand Why Take Refuge in the Three Jewels, we just had another one on August 28th, 2022, with a group of six (6) fellow Chan practitioners from Finland, Germany, Spain, and United States.

Here are couple of their heartwarming sharing and words, to “share the precious forward” for practitioners come after:

from Giulio:
I wish to express my gratitude to Venerable Guo Yuan for performing the Refuge Ceremony, to Warren, and to the whole Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Bay Area Center for taking good care in organising it.

For many years I have been cultivating a deep sense of appreciation for all the Buddhist teachings and I have experienced first-hand the benefits of the study and practice of the Dharma.

While I have profound respect and gratitude for all the schools and living traditions who genuinely practice and promote Buddhist teachings, the works of Master Sheng Yen are among those who have truly resonated with me throughout the years. Like all great teachers, in his writings he skillfully guides students in discovering the simplicity lying behind complex concepts, and the complexity of apparently simple concepts. Academically, he has contributed immensely to the process of exporting Chan culture and tradition in the West, by providing vivid translations and sharp commentaries on several ancient Chan texts while preserving for our benefit all their original impact and meaningfulness.

Overall, I find the tradition of Chan Buddhism fascinating, ancient in origin while modern in nature, sophisticated in practice yet simple in principle. I am glad to walk this beautiful path with all of you. 

from Maria:
Thank you so much for such a beautiful and inspiring ceremony.

It is a true blessing that we can meet via zoom and practice together in such hard times for so many in our complex world.

I really enjoy and find really beneficial the Sunday Sessions, that´s why I decided to take the Refuge in the Three Jewels.

The way how you share Dharma is very kind, gentle and profound,
May more and more friends discover DDM and may Ven Guo Yuan continue sharing the valuable teachings on the Buddha for a long, long time.

Wishing you all ease, peace and positive discoveries in your Boddhisatva’s Path until complete fruition.

from Scott:
I was a participant for the Refuge Ceremony held yesterday. It was awesome to share this auspicious occasion with my new Dharma brothers and sisters.

Just a brief background, I am a recovering alcoholic, sober now for ten and a half years. Since starting on that journey, I have been looking for a spiritual path that I could incorporate into my recovery. Traditional religion somehow always rang false for me. I searched and searched and finally found Buddhism. I am impressed with all I have learned about Buddhism and really feel that it is a Path I can follow. There are many similarities between the 12 Step program I am living in my recovery and the philosophy of Buddhism. For me, the two naturally go together.

I am very excited to start on this new journey. And I have the deepest gratitude for you, Warren, and Venerable for offering this Ceremony. I live in a very small town, and there are no Buddhist centers around for hours. So, I am delighted and grateful for this opportunity.

Peace and an end to suffering for all.

For more information or to apply for the next Taking Refuge Online, please visit here.

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